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front load washer mold

(Click Here for Gasket Mold Picture )

TechnoFresh® is THE ANSWER to Black Mold on the Front Loading Washer Door Gasket

Thank you!
The only comment I have is that I did the 'gasket mold paste' treatment ONCE and I have not had to do it again ... I don't know the exact time frame but it's been many many months. My gasket hardly even has a stain on it and it used to be totally disgusting. I run a salt/dishwasher soap/towels Super Shock load about once every two months (give or take).  My washer is finally at the stage where I can maintain it with a little TechnoFresh here and there.  I'm so happy!  :)



It is as if the gasket and the machine tub are in two different worlds.

In fact they are.

The gasket only sees a little bit of water that get splashed past the seal during the washing cycles. Over time, detergent and gunk accumulate as the water evaporates.

On the other hand, the tub gets flushed out with water on a regular basis.

That is why so many people have problems with gaskets but do not have the mildew smell problem in the tub.

Also, the mold grows down into the pores of the soft rubber and is hard to get to.

It can take many months to clear up just using
TechnoFresh® in the wash as was necessary in the early days of the company.


I worked with a team of customers and came up with a procedure to speed up the removal of the stuff on the gasket and sanitize it so the growth does not come back easily.

(I continue to thank the great task force of customers that volunteered for the gasket mold project. This method is the result of a lot of work from a lot of people. The original idea was to sell a separate product to clean the gasket. We tried a bunch of different chemicals. The answer turned out to be too simple to sell it as a separate product.)

So here is the paste scrub method:

Information and Directions

TechnoFresh® will definitely disinfect the gasket surface as it is used over time. But, only a small amount of wash water splashes onto the gasket with any given load. So, it can take months to clear up the mold if you do not use our paste scrub method.

Phase 1:

Make a loose paste with TechnoFresh®, salt  and, dishwasher detergent.

Note: Some of the new dishwasher detergents are not as effective as they used to be. They no longer contain a lot of phosphates for environmental reasons. If possible use a powdered dishwasher detergent. Or use the cheapest brand you can buy. You won’t pay for fancy rinse aids, enzymes and other stuff you don’t need that might hinder the cleaning..

Use equal amounts (say - one ounce of each of the 3 items) with hot water. 

Put on some plastic gloves. The mold and bacteria slime are really yucky.

Wet a small rag in hot water and scrub the paste onto the gasket until it becomes a pasty mix. 

Try not to dilute it too much. 

The slime coating should break down and the mold underneath should start dissolving.

Scrub the treated area with a small scrub brush or sponge scrubbie

Rinse completely.


Repeat procedure to smear loose paste on gasket

Place a wet rag on top of the gasket to keep the area wet (more than damp).

This procedure results in a very, very strong concentration of the active chemicals right at the surface. 

Let it sit for at least 8 hours lightly scrubbing every now and then to get fresh pasty solution to the moldy surface areas.

Contact time between the paste and the mold and slimy bacteria is very important. This is to make sure the chemicals have time to penetrate and react with the nasties.

When done, scrub off as much of the dead black mold as you can, then rinse clean.

This should remove all the nasty stuff on the surface that could otherwise contaminate the laundry. It has also removed the slimy coating that was protecting the nasties.

You should now have a gasket that has a clean surface and possibly some light gray stains in the rubber

Phase 2:

Wipe a little of the remaining paste onto the gasket to get a thin coat. If you need to make a little more paste add only TechnoFresh® to boost the sanitizing effect.

Let dry and just leave it there. Any residue left behind will hang around for a while down in the gasket folds - eventually rinsing out over time as the washer is used. But as it does, it will continue to attack any residual mold in the gasket pores. It will also drain through the drain hole and disinfect the drain path back to the tub.

Phase 3:

Every few months, as needed, make a paste from a small amount of TechnoFresh® and coat the entire gasket. Let dry. It will continue to attack anything in the pores of the rubber that cause the stains if any remain. Over time the stains will fade away.

If you have a really difficult case, repeat the procedure. Don't repeat right away. Repeat once a week. There is a time lag for the effect to be completed. The mold and fungus spores down in the pores of the rubber gasket will bloom as you do your laundry and get the area wet. Then they will come into contact with the TechnoFresh® left behind from the paste. 

If the mold has been growing for a long time, it has grown down into the pores of the rubber and will be very stubborn to remove and it may take longer than expected.

Even though the surface is clean the dark stain in the rubber may remain. It will get lighter in color (gray) but it may never go away completely