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Thank you so much!

I've never been so happy to do laundry since I happened upon your site! I did the initial shock wih the dish detergent, vinegar and salt. AMAZING!

Thank you so much for your hard work and time developing your product and all the information on your site.

I have been away for over a week so it will be interesting to see how it smells when I get home.  I was going to try what someone suggested on your site, leave some water with he product in the washer when gone for extended periods.


On Jan 6, 2012 9:44 PM


...I found the name TechnoFresh on some other site while googling for "washing machine mold."After reading your site, it all makes sense (educated technical sense and common sense)..the machine manufacturers' faulty testing, the time factor, the chemistry and your cure. I enjoyed the whole site so much; and laughed out loud as I watched the Revenge video. If your product is as good as your straightforward and educational website, it will be worth the money, for sure.

Thank you for working on the smelly washing machine problem for all of us. An honest answer to the problem will never be given by Frigidaire.Hope your patent is approved and all the detergent manufacturers put your TechnoFresh right into the jugs, if that is chemically feasible.

Thanks again. I made my first order today and just know it will clean up my moldy 8 month old front loader.


bluebar has helped with the smell. Especially with our towels! I was just wondering if the LG machines were worse than others. And if there were any other tricks...I have read your entire site, so I have been using 1 TB of the HG detergent and I don't use softner anymore. The first time I measured out the 1 TB, I thought...this can't possibly clean the clothes...but it does! At this rate, with me only doing 2-3 loads per week, I won't have to purchase detergent for a long time. :-)

Thanks for the quick response too!



Thanks for the great product.  I've been suffering from horrible rotten washer, stinking up my whole house for 2 years.  I was about to give away the washer before I purchased your product.  It did exactly what you said it would do.  My clothes and washer are as good as new. 

Thanks again.



It appears to be working. I did use vinegar and hot water to get a head start on clearing the smell. Then started using TechnoFresh once a week. It has been working well since then. We are retired and do not need to do laundry as frequently as we used to, so we definitely fit the profile of those that have the problem.



Thank you for your prompt response, but most importantly, the fast shipping.  I received the product yesterday – which is phenomenal. 

Before I ordered your product, I spent quite a bit of time reading “about the overall problem” plus reading your comments and customers problems.  The main reason that I felt confident to try your product is; 1) your thorough responses plus the attention and concern you expressed,  2) your suggestion for the shock treatment – IT WORKED beautifully.  So the time I waited (all of 2 days) was well spent being able to wash 2 weeks of clothing for a household of 3 adults and 1 child.

Your product arrived Monday, the 13th I believe I ordered it on Friday, the 10th , it could have been Thursday the 9th.  Thank you for your prompt shipping, I will look forward to being able to be “smell FREE” for a long time to come.




....continuing from another email string:

(Ah, young grasshoppa… you are learning.
Good to hear from you again!

The most likely reason for your continuing smell is the large amount of detergent you are using.

It is good that you have cut back on the amount. Try to watch something that gets consistently dirty like the boys socks or something and keep cutting back until you see that these are not as clean as before.

I have a degree in chemical engineering and decades of experience and this cutting back process is formally known as a “field adjustment”.

most people know it as a “guess”…….

Anyway, you will know the maximum you need for the tough loads.

Cut back as much as you can



Thank you so much for all your help.  Sorry I didn't get back with you sooner.  My husband had to deploy so things were kind of hectic for awhile.  I just ordered a 5 lb container and wish you had an even larger size!  I now know I can never be without TechnoFresh again.  The washer is not 100% odor free, but it is a major improvement.  Now I only notice the smell when it has been a few days, so it's just a reminder that it's time to put more TechnoFresh in.  I don't really notice a smell on the clothes anymore, so I didn't have to buy new towels either :)    I'll be sure to spread the word!
Thank you again,



Ok and thanks.  The repairman today did nothing.  It was a joke.  He said my washer smelled great compared to others he has seen and there is nothing they can do about it.  There will always be water left in the machine because it stays in the sealed pump, although my smell is not rotten sewage and our clothes are fine.  It’s just the buildup on the outside of the drum like you said.

I’m sticking with your recommendations, the vinegar shock followed by TechnoFresh with 1 table spoon of HE powder, because it seems better than it was. 



We originally had the Maytag front loader.  We had trouble with it from the beginning.  We decided to get a new one because it smelled so bad.  Within a couple of months of getting the new machine the problems started again.  I mainly noticed it with the towels and the clothing that I air dried.  Nothing smelled "fresh".  I was going to buy new towels when my husband talked me into going on the internet to see if this was a "normal" problem with these types of washing machines and if there was a way to fix it.  I came across your website.  I have to admit your product seemed too good to be true.  So, I did all kinds of searches to see if there were any negative reports about the product.  Since I didn't find anything I went ahead and placed my order.  By the way, thank you for getting the order in the mail right away.

After receiving the TechnoFresh, I washed a load of rag towels (in case they got ruined).  I didn't see anything wrong so I was on to my "true" test...the bathroom towels...STINKY!!  One wash was all it took!!!!!  My towels smell great, all of our clothes smell great and my laundry room no longer smells. 

I am the happiest person on earth since finding this product!!  My husband says that he bets every husband out there probably wishes their wives were as easy to please as I am!! 

Thanks for coming up with such an easy solution to such a stinky problem!!  




I used the TechnoFresh all weekend (in the drum and dispenser).  If I thought I could have kept my balance, I would have jumped for joy in the shower when I used my washcloth.  For the first time in FOREVER my towels don't stink!!!  My husband thinks I'm crazy for being so excited about this.  I am so happy I found this product!!  It's much cheaper than buying new towels!!

Thanks again!!

Jamie (another one)