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 is a convenient answer for continuous control

 of black mold and mildew odor.


Remember: The less Detergent you use in each load, the less TechnoFresh you will need to use every week.

Personally, I use powder detergent to make it easier to measure out a small amount every time.


Save Time with SuperShock

While TechnoFresh would in fact clean out the machine by itself, it would take a few months.

That is because it takes a long time for the TechnoFresh to penetrate the gunk layer that has built up.

Please run the Home Recipe SuperShock cleaning procedure to cut that time significantly.


How much TechnoFresh® should I use?

The amount of TechnoFresh® you need depends on how you use your washer.

The preferred method is to put a around a level capful (about half a scoop) of TechnoFresh® directly into the washer drum before adding the laundry

Sprinkle up to a third into the detergent dispenser drawer on top of the detergent so you disinfect the entire dispenser system too.

Toss the rest  into the drum so that most of it falls into the holes in the drum and attacks the stuff coating the external drum.


TechnoFresh® works best when it dissolves before the detergent dissolves.


Experience is the only answer to determine the “correct amount”.

Every situation is unique

Start with half an ounce for each wash load after you have run the SuperShock. 

TechnoFresh® will have maximum effect if you use half an ounce in every load you run.

But every load usually is only necessary for a couple of weeks until the odor is controlled.

Around ½ to ¾ oz per load for a couple of loads through the week usually works for ongoing wash schedules.

More than one capful/scoop in a load is a waste of material, unless you are trying to remove existing mildew smell from contaminated laundry or get control of a really nasty smelling machine.

For ways of saving money when using TechnoFresh® cut back on detergent to a minimum and also see the Wash Schedule Web Page.


How Much Detergent Should I Use?

The less you use the better. These machine are different. A little detergent goes long way in cleaning ability.

Tip: Pick an article of clothing that gets consistently dirty like T-shirts or kid's socks. Try to use the smallest amount of detergent that will still get these clean. If these are clean, then the rest of the laundry is clean too. If not, increase the amount until the articles get clean. In the end, you will get an idea of how little you really need to use. Any reduction will help your problem. This experiment is a really good aide to find out how much your family needs to use in its machine. Then , use this as the maximum amount in the future.


Always rinse your hands after handling TechnoFresh®.

Notice how easily it rinses off, just like it completely rinses out of the laundry fabrics.

Yet, it sticks to the detergent that is coating the plumbing.

Its Magic!

OK, its chemistry, and it is explained elsewhere on this site..

TechnoFresh® does not suds-up or damage clothes like the competition can.

TechnoFresh® contains pure, concentrated materials - no fillers.

TechnoFresh® does not contain fragrance or scent oils of any kind. It works. It does not need perfume.

Over the years there have been no reported instances of people with sensitivities having any issues.

(our customers are smart and quite vocal so we would have heard)


TechnoFresh® is safe for use with septic systems when used as directed.

TechnoFresh can be used with aerobic septic system digesters, as long as the discharge does not go to a landscaping pond.

I have not had any negative feedback regarding the use of these digesters



I often work with people that have questions about how to use TechnoFresh® at first. I have found that, if there is a problem, like things are not working all that well, some of the assumptions of how you are using the machine are off base a little…

48% is because the super shock was not run or the buildup in the machine is so thick it takes a lot more shocks that expected to get the machine clean.

49% of the time the customer is still using too much detergent. The effect of TechnoFresh gets swamped. Use only enough detergent to cover the bottom of the detergent bottle cap. One tablespoonful. Ignore all the marks. No matter how little you think you are using it is still too much! Full explanations on Smelly Washer Story.

2% of the time a member of the family is not following the proper procedures. Specifically using too much detergent. (see above)

The last 1% are the fun ones because things just don’t make sense at first and solving the puzzle is fun. These are the one’s where the customer needs to contact us directly.


The 2 LB jar comes with a 1 oz scoop inside the jar.

Sometimes it is hard to twist off the lid.

Try holding the jar from the bottom


TechnoFresh® also comes in:1 LB, 2 LB, and 5 LB bottles

Use the bottle cap to measure out the TechnoFresh®.


If you purchase a size that lasts longer than one year you may start to see “golden flakes” forming in the mix. This is due to humidity being absorbed by the crystals.

No worries, the mix will work fine. It just doesn’t have the pretty white crystals anymore. .