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Mold & Mildew Smelling Laundry?


A Guaranteed Fix Has Be Found!

U.S.Patent No. 9,157,053


High Tech !

High Efficiency!

High Cost!

Front Load, High Efficiency, Washing Machine  Cleaner Fix for Smelly Mold / Mildew Foundhe washing machine cleaner
he washing machine cleaner
he washing machine cleaner

Can't get the laundry into the dryer fast enough?

You have slimy bacteria or black mold on the rubber door gasket of your washing machine?

Mildew smells from dryer or wash machine? 

The whole laundry room has a musty smell, not just in the washing machine?

Mildew smelling bath or kitchen towels?

Dark or white mystery stains, spots or smudges after washing laundry?

Baby diaper rash, “big-baby” jock itch or other personal itching or rashes that come and go for no reason?

You're not crazy. It really is happening!



A Rotten Situation

Many new, front loading and top loading clothes washing machines develop odors due to black mold, fungus, mildew and bacteria slime growing in the machine.

 These nasties feed and grow on the stuff mixed with the gooey excess detergent that is coating the internal plumbing and under the door gasket.

The food “stuff” comes from microscopic natural fibers of wool, cotton, linen and silk mixed with the gooey excess detergent.

The food also comes from other sources like tomato sauce, gravy, dirt and other barnyard soils.

Because the machine never really dries out, the natural, organic materials are almost guaranteed to rot.

All different types of black mold, fungus, mildew and bacteria slime grow on the rotting organic stuff mentioned above.

Microscopic bits and pieces of these nasties get transfered to the laundry during the wash cycles.

Then the T-shirts, towels and diapers start to smell after they get damp again.


It is also very common for the door gasket or detergent dispenser to have a range of mold problems while the machine does not have odor issues


The pictures below show a bunch of worst case situations.

Most customers do not have this level of contamination.

But some do if they use too much detergent.

Everyone has some level of build up!

That is where the smell comes from!!!

gasket mold 4

Black Mold on and under the door gasket

dispenser mold

Under the dispensers


On the inside surface of the outer drum

spider mold 2

Behind the back of the wash drum


Don’t Get a Divorce!

Don’t Get a New Washer!

Do Get TechnoFresh!


TechnoFresh is extremely easy to use.

TechnoFresh® is a powder that is added to a few loads every week along with your detergent.

It is not a separate cleaning treatment.

You chose when and how much to use through the week.

You are not forced to run an “emergency” clean because the smell exploded unexpectedly


After you use TechnoFresh and you take control of the washer.

You will be able to leave damp laundry in the machine overnight again!

TechnoFresh is the simple solution to a complicated bunch of problems.

The good news is:

 You can go back to just doing the laundry again!


TechnoFresh Design

TechnoFresh® is designed to be safe, easy to use, and cost effective because I was the person that was going to be using it.

Common cleaner treatments may use hazardous caustic chemicals

 They attempt to remove the buildup of smelly stuff.

The packets and tablets don't always work.

And, the cleanliness doesn't last very long.

And, you don't find out until after a few loads of laundry are run and put away.


Do you have time for that kind of stuff ?!

If not, use

TechnoFresh® !

TechnoFresh uses safe FDA approved chemicals

TechnoFresh® keeps the smelly stuff from growing in the first place.

And, it always works!

Some Customers Say Technofresh® is Magic.

Its not. Its Science.


TechnoFresh® is the high tech answer to all the problems you have with your high tech HE washing machine.

TechnoFresh® works in a completely different way from other products.

First, TechnoFresh® kills the smelly mold, mildew and bacteria that is growing in the machine so that they flush out of the machine naturally.

Second, the rest of the TechnoFresh® stays on the walls of the machine plumbing and continuously suppresses the mold and mildew.

Think of it like the detergent sticks to the walls and TechnoFresh® sticks to the detergent and forms a barrier to future growth of the nasties.”


Other products are shock cleaning treatments that require a separate cleaning cycle every month or so.

“Monthly” cleaning treatments allow new mold, mildew and bacteria to grow and contaminate your laundry between cleaning runs.

How smelly the machine and your laundry get through the month, depends on how well you time the shock cleaning treatments

With TechnoFresh, you don't have that problem.

Keep It Clean!” is not just a slogan. Its a Fact!


This is a huge website with a lot of information on a lot of the known issues of these new washing machines.

They are responses actual problems sent in by customers over the last 10 years.

On each problem you will find a simple straight forward explanation of: 

“Why is this happening?”

That will help you fix whatever is going on.

 In the long run you can be more efficient and save a lot of money if you spend a few minutes reading.


A lot of people only have basic problems.

And TechnoFresh works extremely well.

So, basic problems do not need all the details explained

You just need to do a few things.

 Click here for the Short Story for guaranteed success.

Its a money back guarantee,

And you keep the heavy duty camping/storage/water bottle.

You can’t lose!

empty bottles

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