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You’ve Gone


with a

High Tech Machine!

he washing machine cleaner
 he washing machine cleaner
he washing machine cleaner

Now, you need a HE washing machine cleaner.

You need to get the smell from the washer!

Can't get the laundry into the dryer fast enough?

You have slimy bacteria or black mold on the rubber door gasket of your washing machine?

Mildew smells from dryer or wash machine? 

The whole laundry room has a musty smell, not just in the washing machine?

Mildew smelling bath or kitchen towels?

Dark or white mystery stains, spots or smudges after washing laundry?

Baby diaper rash, “big-baby” jock itch or other personal itching or rashes that come and go for no reason?

You're not crazy. It really is happening!

OK,  you might be crazy. That is not for me to say...  ;-)

But, The itching is real!

You can buy a common washing machine cleaner for washer smells and other problems.

But a lot of times the the washing machine cleaner doesn't work.

 And, you don't find out until after a few loads of laundry are run and put away.

Do you have time for that kind of stuff ?!

If not, use:

TechnoFresh® !

No other Product Works Like TechnoFresh®

TechnoFresh® is Patented!

U.S.Patent No. 9,157,053

TechnoFresh® is Guaranteed to Work

or You Get Your Money Back!


No other product is Guaranteed

No other product is Patented



TechnoFresh is extremely easy to use.

TechnoFresh® is a powder that is added to a few loads every week along with your detergent.

It is not a separate cleaning treatment.

You chose when and how much to use through the week.

You are not forced to run an “emergency” clean because the smell exploded unexpectedly .

After you use TechnoFresh for a few weeks and you take control of the washer.

You will be able to leave damp laundry in the machine overnight again!

TechnoFresh is the simple solution to a complicated bunch of problems.

A Rotten Situation

It turns out that the smells and other problems in new-style washing machines are caused by slimy bacteria, mold, mildew and other fungus growing on the plumbing and drum inside the machine.

Bits and pieces of these nasties get transfered to the laundry during the wash cycles.

Then the T-shirts, towels and diapers start to smell after they get damp again.


It is also very common for the door gasket or detergent dispenser to have a range of mold problems while the machine does not have odor issues.

Every case is unique.

Everyone has different machines, multiple detergent brands, varying detergent amounts used, weekly wash schedules, many type of fabrics cleaned, different wash temperatures, different soil types, and on, and on...

That is why the suggestions from friends, neighbors, and the internets  don't work for you.


Common cleaning treatments try to clean the nasty gunk out with harsh chemicals.

A lot of times they don't work.

TechnoFresh® keeps the nasty mold, mildew and bacteria from growing in the first place.

It always works!

A really bold claim, Eh ?!

Well, TechnoFresh® has a money back guarantee so you can't lose!

Some Customers Say Technofresh® is Magic.

Its not. Its Science.


The Story

Hi, like many other people, I purchased a high tech, high efficiency (HE), high cost laundry washer and dryer set. 

Also, like many people, after a few months, I discovered the odor problem.

The treatments that are usually recommended by the manufacturers (vinegar, baking soda or chlorine bleach) did not work well in my situation.

I am a retired chemical engineer and I have a background in cleaning things.

So, I started to investigate why a new, expensive washer had this kind of problem.

The Answer

I found that there seems to be an increase in odor when a lot of detergent and/or fabric softener is used.

That makes sense.

These are soapy/oily materials designed to stick to the fibers.  

But, the thick, gooey material in the detergent / fabric softener was sticking to the walls of the plumbing too.

The organic chemicals in the film coating they deposit can decay.

This is especially true if it is a  base made from “Natural Organic” substances.

 Turns out, vegetable oils, citrus peel squeezin’s and their variants will rot all by themselves eventually.

Beyond that, very tiny bits of fibers of silk, wool, cotton, and flax are also embedded in the film.

Also, many other things from dirt and “barnyard” materials to gravy and spaghetti sauce can contribute to the items that naturally decay and feed the nasty things that cause the smell.

The decay is also boosted by the damp conditions inside the machine while it sits between wash days.

While a fan or open door may help a little, the stuff down inside never gets dry.


That’s the answer!

The decay causes the odors!


OK, let's think about this.

There will always be detergent and organic residue food for the nasties on the plumbing and drum because of the physics involved.

Also, there will always be mold and mildew spores in the air.

You can't fight Mother Nature!

That means the growth cannot be kept out of the machine ...

So, it must be controlled in some way.

There are two means of controlling the growth.

1. Periodically shock the machine to destroy the cells of the fungus, mold and bacteria slime organisms by using harsh chemicals and flush them out of the machine.

These are the shock cleaning treatment methods (tablets / packets) explained on the Basic Cleaning Methods page.

Since the growth will always come back, you need to time the period between shocks correctly.

If not, you are contaminating the laundry when the growth explodes on you again.


2. Control smells week-after-week by contaminating the residue film with TechnoFresh so it will be difficult if not impossible for the nasties to grow on it.

My Solution to My Problems

Method # 1 did not work for me at all.

I kept forgetting to run the shock clean. Or, it didn’t work.

I felt that I could come up with a laundry additive that would work with method #2 without damaging clothes, washers, plumbing or the environment.

The formula needed to be safe enough for me to use regularly, but, effective enough to control the odor.

I tried a number of materials and it has taken a while.

But, I found a combination that worked well on my system.

With my washing schedule I figured:

If it works for me, it will work for anyone... so...

TechnoFresh® is the result!

  Try TechnoFresh® ... it works.


TechnoFresh® works in both front load or top load washers.

TechnoFresh® is extremely cost effective.

 It is super concentrated - no fillers.

 A 2 lb bottle usually lasts about 6 months.

 But since you use so little each week, a lot of people stretch it out a lot longer.

The less detergent you use the less TechnoFresh you need.


TechnoFresh® is also an Extremely Effective Sport Wash/ Soak.

An overnight soak gets rid of that funky smell.

TechnoFresh® can be used with any detergent or laundry additive.

TechnoFresh® can be used with any fabric or water temp.

TechnoFresh® has no fragrance or scent oils.

 It works!

 It does not need perfume.

TechnoFresh® is safe for Septic Systems. No phosphates, nitrates, or chlorine.

TechnoFresh® can only be purchased online from this web site.

This gives us national coverage and keeps the cost down.


Who are we?

My company, Nu Fresh, LLC’s goal is to sell an environmentally friendly product called TechnoFresh®, packaged in the most environmentally friendly way I could think of.


That means TechnoFresh® needs to be safe, easy to use, and cost effective because I was the person that was going to be using it.

 Materials with a very low safety risk were chosen. In fact, the materials in the mixture are used in food, beverages, and cosmetics.

 All are listed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) for human consumption in small quantities.

TechnoFresh® is used in washing machines in very small amounts.You are not eating it. .Click HERE for details

In use, the TechnoFresh® crystals that don't stick to the plumbing dissolve and are rinsed out by the end of the wash cycle.  

After 8 years in business and thousands of bottles sold, there has never been any negative feedback regarding sensitivities of any kind. (no scent oils).


It also means using a container so good it is guaranteed reusable because they are heavy duty Nalgene camping bottles that are completely BPA free.

We do this without raising the total cost because we use really, really, really cheap labels we print ourselves.

Die-cut labels from a print shop cost a fortune.

We put that money into the bottles

You get a great value because we try to be functional not fancy.


The Website

Nu Fresh LLC  has been in business since 2008 and I have been asked most of the questions possible regarding the problems of cleaning a smelly HE front loading washing machine.

Since I had the time, I put together this simple, humorous, easy for everyone to read and understand website to explain all the things that are going on.

If you know what is going on ... you can fix the problem.

Don't Panic !

The website is huge.

But, it is mostly extra explanations.

The common problems are upper buttons on the left.

Community FAQs buttons lower down the bar have specific answers to problems that have been presented to me over the years.

 If you have those problems then you get extra help.

If not, you can ignore all those pages.

The short story is:

TechnoFresh® is easy to use in a few loads a week.

 You can go back to just doing the laundry again!



You must never use more than one ounce of any liquid or powder detergent.

Both types have the same odor problems when you use too much!

  The very limited amount of water used in HE machines requires a minimum amount of detergent.

Use only enough liquid to cover the bottom of the measuring cup cap from the liquid detergent bottle.

Using powder detergent allows you more control of the amount used.

It is easy to splash extra liquid into the cap unintentionally.

I recommend powder over liquid for this reason.

The measuring marks are there to get you to use a lot of their super expensive detergent.

You get the odor problem if you do.

I recommend using the one ounce scoop that comes with our 2 lb jar

A very little amount of water, a very little amount of detergent , and a very, very little amount of TechnoFresh® should end up returning washday to a sure thing again.


Home Recipe Vinegar Washer Cleaner

I suggest you try the SuperShock Home Recipe (Phase 1: Salt, Vinegar, and dishwasher detergent) cleaning to replace the tablets and packets found at the store. The SuperShock always works and is much cheaper in the long run.

 readmore 1



TechnoFresh® is the high tech answer to all the problems you have with your high tech HE washing machine.

TechnoFresh® works in a completely different way from other products.

First, TechnoFresh® kills the smelly mold, mildew and bacteria that is growing in the machine so that they flush out of the machine naturally.

Second, the rest of the TechnoFresh® stays on the walls of the machine plumbing and continuously suppresses the mold and mildew.

Think of it like ” the detergent sticks to the walls and TechnoFresh® sticks to the detergent.”


Other products are shock cleaning treatments that require a separate cleaning cycle every month or so.

“Monthly” cleaning treatments allow new mold, mildew and bacteria to grow and contaminate your laundry between cleaning runs.

How smelly the machine and your laundry get through the month depends on how well you time the shock cleaning treatments

With TechnoFresh, you don't have that problem.


If You Use TechnoFresh®, Your Friends Will Say:

 Hey!  Its True!  Their Stuff Don't Stink!

Oh, one last thing.

If you washing machine door locks up

and / or

the machine is dead and won't start.

Unplug the machine from the wall and wait 2-5 minutes.

The washing machine nowadays is a laundry processor and the computer and sensors need to be reset.

Unplugging / replugging causes it to reboot to a safe state and the door should open or machine restart.

Most of the time the problem is due to too much suds. If you are tripping an “ excess  suds ” safety switch you really are using way too much detergent.

Don't do that!

This is the most common service call.

(An excess suds safety switch built into the machine indicates a lot of people use too much detergent)